Habitat For Humanity

Don’t ask for a handout.  If you need something, see yourself giving something in return.” 

Danielle Gallina

GAF awards $35,000 for Capital Project

The foundation supports area charitable non-profits by making grants to them for capital needs.  In 2019, the trustees approved their largest capital request for the year with a grant approval from the foundation’s Greater Alliance Community Fund in the amount of $35,000 to the Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity.  The foundation’s grant was used to replace the roof on a building they acquired on Arch Street. The roof needed to be replaced before Habitat could begin interior renovations. Once the interior renovation work is completed, the Habitat building will provide:

  • Administrative Offices
  • Educational Classrooms 
  • Loan Repayment Center
  • Storage for Build Supplies and Tools
  • Alliance’s Very Own ReStore

Over the last 25 years, Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity has built 50 homes and made a huge difference in the lives of these new homeowners.  The Greater Alliance Foundation trustees support Habitat and other wonderful charitable non-profits in Alliance because of the people they serve as expressed in Danielle Gallina’s testimony as a future Habitat home recipient.

Excerpts from a conversation between Heidi McClung from GAF and Danielle Gallina, Recipient of the 2020 Habitat House

Danielle and Jack Gallina’s children.

“Together, we have four children.  Our baby hadn’t arrived yet in this picture of my children.  Early on in my relationship with Jack, we messed up our credit.  We also found ourselves stuck renting a house that was falling down.  Fast forward, now we are working toward fixing our credit.”

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace classes changed our whole outlook on credit, money and the budget process.  It was enlightening to see how much money we wasted. This program is common sense now and we are recovering financially one step at a time.  I know we are going to thrive in the future.

My mom told me for years to apply to Habitat, but she knew it was a long and rigorous process. I started the application process three times and finally God gave me the push I needed, and I completed it. The journey was full of peace, so I knew it was God’s plan.

Once we found out we got selected for the 2020 build, the process and hard work became such a blessing to us. There was no down-payment, just a lot of sweat equity…. 200 hours worth. Last summer we worked at the build on Noble Street, two lots over from where our home will be built.  Our new neighborhood will have this experience in common. We have all walked this road together with our new Habitat homes.

Our mortgage will have no interest and it is based off of our income. Our monthly house payment will go toward the next build.  It’s just like a little revolving door. Habitat is positioning us to be successful with knowledge on how to care for our future home, and our finances.

I want to give back to our community that has done so much for us. It’s hard to believe, in March, we break ground on our new energy efficient house and in August, it will be done, and we will move in!

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